9 Simple DIY Tips for Cleaning Carpet on a Budget

DIY carpet cleaning tips on budget - Neutrino Burst

It is essential to offer a deep cleansing to items that do not get attention during cleaning while performing the yearly ritual of house cleaning.

These things include carpets, rugs, drapes, furniture, and other comparable items. A fully carpeted house is a bliss. Considering, you don’t have to locate your slippers every time you leave the bed. Additionally, manicured homes are excellent for babies and toddlers. Since they are easily able to walk around and crawl, enjoying the space.

First thing may come to your mind is to put carpet on the floor. However, one irritated thought might come along is the whole cleanup ritual of these carpets. In truth, regular cleaning and vacuuming the carpets isn’t always enough. They could consume layers of dirt and dust, cleaning which will challenge your regular cleansing agents, even if you devote a bit of elbow grease to get those stains out of your carpets.

Read below for tips on how to efficiently clean carpets in a budget-friendly manner.

1. Sprinkle baking powder

Baking powder is a great all-purpose natural cleansing solution for stains and most dirt.

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Sprinkle powder onto the carpet stain then pour warm water over the area. Leave the mix a couple of hours, as well as overnight, then dab on it. If the stain is stubborn, replicate the procedure. You can add a small drop of vinegar into the water to help the process. As vinegar has a bleaching effect, this will only work for light carpets.

It even gets rid of bad odors (it’s only one of the most significant all-natural solutions to be rid of smells).

2. Use salt

Salt is often said to become the cure for pesky red wine spots.

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Use salt to the red wine that is crimson immediately and then allow it to work its own magic. Vacuum the salt up once into a reddish color turns and continue doing the process until the stain has evaporated. Again, start from the edges of the blot and work inwards. Otherwise, the blot will last to disperse. Take to a solution of vinegar, mineral water, and wine when the wine has dried up.

Make sure you try out this mix on a hidden field of carpet first, to test if the color of your carpet is affected by it.

3. Steam clean twice a year

While home remedies do a great job when you’ve got an accident with a large glass of red wine in beating stains, a steam cleaner will be a smart investment.

It provides all your carpets frequent cleaning as much as you require. This also kills any germs or dirty things sneaking there. We suggest once every six months, but if you own pets or some big (or messy!) family, it may be worth steam cleaning more often.

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Entirely steam cleaning your carpets may even help eradicate any dwelling insects such as cockroaches, ants, and other creepy crawlies. A fantastic steam cleaner should last several years and if this is accompanied with eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, then the combination will work like a charm!

Therefore it’s a worthwhile investment to assist you in avoiding the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

4. Aerate your carpet periodically

You don’t need to utilize water and soap to wash your carpet. You can aerate your carpet at least once a month. This needs that you get it out at an open area, use a smooth brush to get free of any scraps and let it get a little sunlight. The sunlight prevents lots of bacteria and gives your carpet a feel of freshness.

5. Shaving cream works too

Contrary to popular belief, shaving lotion may be a budget option to foam carpet cleaner. It would help if you made specific the shaving lotion is undyed and contains no additives such as menthol. Apply it on the stain and let it soak for 20 minutes approximately. Then rub the cream gently. Rinse the lotion with a damp cloth, making sure to blot instead of rub.

6. Vacuum properly and regularly

Frequently vacuuming your carpets might help keep them. While you are there, be sure to vacuum from both directions to be free of any pesky dust. And if you are clean your surfaces, clean your walls, replace your sheets, soil, and dust on the windowsills and perform any house cleaning task before taking out your hoover. Otherwise, it would help if you vacuumed once more.

7. Use lemon juice carefully

Merely employing a little lemon juice and wiping with a cloth could create even the dirtiest of carpeting clean again.

Use lemon juice for carpet cleaning - Neutrino Burst

For stains, mix with equal parts water and washing detergent. But be cautious – lemon juice contains whitening attributes like vinegar, so should just be implemented into carpeting that is pale-colored. This whitening power could be great to get your blankets and towels thinner than white; however, it isn’t so ideal for the dark carpet.

8. Kill odors with vinegar

If your carpet has a smelly odor, you can adjust the smell by vinegar. Blend a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in a sprayer. Spray it uniformly over the carpet and make it air dry. Return after an hour and vacuum the carpet. Stay in mind that you are not aiming to absorb the carpet with the vinegar; you are just glazing over it.

9. Use rugs

It’s best to use any type of modern rugs in regions at which “no shoe” policy can’t be enforced. Because rugs are easier to clean than carpets. Usually, they are set to capture dirt and dust in your foot when you rub on your foot on them before you enter a building.

Wrapping up

Now you know how to keep your carpets without even breaking the bank.

However, if you are diligent about cleaning the carpeting frequently and don’t have enough time for it, you may need to spend some money hiring professional carpet cleaners in your area.

We hope you’ve found our DIY and budget-friendly carpet cleaning tips useful. If you think we’ve overlooked anything and have more useful tips for our reader, please let us know in the comment section below.

Happy cleaning!

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  1. I noticed that my newly installed carpet is quite filthy already due to dust and other spills, which is why I’m thinking of buying a hoover vacuum so it will be easier to clean it up. I’m quite surprised to learn that salt can help get rid of the red wine stain. Thank you for also suggesting here that it is important to aerate the carpet periodically since the sunlight will help prevent the bacteria from accumulating.

  2. Thanks for writing this post full of useful tips on how to get common stains out. I learned a great ice trick for gum and especially wax years ago and it has been a great go-to for those rare cases. It’s definitely good practice to deal with stains immediately, and then hire a professional carpet cleaner to come to give that deep clean at least once a year.

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