11 Exclusive Paint Colors You’ll Want on Your Walls

Exclusive paint colors for your walls - Neutrino Burst

There are a lot of tricks you can use to make your walls look incredibly beautiful. While some might believe that light color signifies the modern approach to a house, others like deep & dramatic colors. However, the visual appeal of our walls depends on how you blend and use the colors.

There are a variety of colors and shades you can use in your rooms to enhance the interior appeal of your house. Whether you are looking for a bold, vivid, or a dark color, the article features 11 exclusive paint colors for modern interior design.

1. Dusty Blush

Dusty blush is considered to be the color of the recent past. It has a hint of pink in color. Today, softer shades like rosy neutrals and muted blushes reflect a glimpse of spirituality. As compared to the millennial pink, the dusty blush is less famous, but timeless as ever.

Dusty blush paint on wall
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The dusty blush is a great option to blend with both darker and lighter shades of pink in the ceiling and exteriors of your house.

2. Tangerine Orange

Tangerine orange is one of the most acclaimed colors that are used in unique house designs and elaborated structures. The energizing shade and vigorous effect of the color doesn’t necessarily overbear the surrounding beauty. 

Tangerine orange paint color on wall - Neutrino Burst
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Although it looks splendid in the presence of natural sunlight, when used with proper lightings, it looks like a reminiscent of a sunset.

3. Olive Green

Olive Green is a timeless shade works wonder on the interiors of a house. The versatile nature of the color suits different types of interior designs and house layouts. The vibrant color gives various peaceful and serene vibes.

Though it looks great on different lighting systems, the natural sunlight makes the best out of the color. You would love the effect of the transformative ambiance of the color on your mood.  

4. Misty Blue

The eminence of misty blue color gives your home a soothing vibe. The grey undertone of this moody blue color promotes more serene energy all around your home. Although the name of the paint is misty blue, it has a touch of purple to free your thinking along with a little impression of gray.

Misty blue paint color on wall - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

One of the great features of the color is its adaptability with different styles of home designs. You can mix it with other contrasting colors to create a magical effect on your home walls.

5. Off Cream

Off-Cream has encouraged different modern homemakers to live a more relaxed and accessible life. The shade of the color promotes a person to have a minimalistic approach to spend their life. It has three different color ingredients to its composition, which include cream, white, and a hint of sandy shades.

The creamy shades and bolder undertones are complimented for its inherent simplicity. It can be blend with different types of lighting options.

6. Gray Undertone

As per many house interiors and color specialists, the dark gray approach of the color incorporates calmness. It would be best if you use similar shade colors to accompany different walls of the home. The kind of definite vibe that it emits, it would be better if you avoid any contrasting colors. 

The royal navy, purple and brown color would blend well with gray undertones creating a sense of calmness.

7. Rich Purple

Rich purple is one of the best-voted colors for interior design and layouts. The mellowed intensity of this beautiful shade gives it a versatile character. You can use white paint to highlight the corners of the wall and gives your house a surprising look. 

If you have big windows in your house that allow the maximum room for the sunlight, the purple richness will help in enhancing the natural feel of the home.

8. Canary Yellow

If you have a transparent roof that allows maximum entrance to sunshine, the canary yellow paint works best to highlight the natural beauty of your interiors. And if you are incorporating small trees, plants, and herbs, it works excellent in emphasizing the little details of your house.

Canary yellow paint color on wall - Neutrino Burst
Photo by FWStudio from Pexels

You can try blending it with creamy white paint at the adjacent walls of your house for the best results.

9. Soulful Teal

Irrespective of the design and layout of the walls of your house, the usage of teal helps in associating with calmness and a sense of belonging. Although teal gives a hint of the sky or an ocean, it is made up of two different colors – green and blue. 

Soulful team paint color on wall - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

It gives a soulful ambiance to a house when used with white paint to highlight your house interiors.

10. Matt Black

Not many homeowners entertain a black color for their house. Although it may be perceived as a neutral color to have on the walls, it signifies the bold choice of a person.

When synced with different types of textures, the right lighting, and a hint of white contrast, it can easily make a gorgeous and compelling statement.

11. Wolf Gray

Wolf gray is renowned for creating a soothing vibe to the aesthetics of a house. The intense blue undertone of the color gives your home a decent low-profile appeal while making it as attractive as it can get. Apart from decorating the walls of your home, it works excellent in highlighting your kitchen cabinetry, bookshelves, and a lot more.

You can use various intense colors, like cobalt and indigo, to emphasize its natural richness.


When it comes to selecting the best paint colors for your walls, the choices are endless. Before choosing a color to paint your house, you must have a rough idea of what kind of vibe you’re looking for in your house. Also, it is best to hire professional painting services to have high-quality colors on your walls.

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