Timeless Interior and Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Timeless paint colors for your home - Neutrino Burst!

A silent language through which you can read the inexplicable, decrypt the unperceivable, sublime the subtlety.


One of the most expressive medium in our life.

Colors have a mysterious way of shaping our thought process and influencing our psychological reactions. Some particular colors are directly related to increased blood flow, eyestrain, and sometimes even metabolism!

Everything null and void, hues and tints of colors can change the whole personality of the background. Especially, when we’re talking about the interior and exterior house walls.

So, are you planning to paint your house with a different touch of colors than usual? Pick the right hues and tones that work for your home, and spice up your living space from our carefully curated list of timeless paint colors for your home.

Before we begin, let’s have a quick look at how we’ve arranged the whole piece:

The conjunction between colors and our persona

Think about the room where a child is born or grow up it. The perception of colors or the part of the electromagnetic spectrum first derives from the shades of those walls.

Colors are very much able to connect the neuro-pathways in our brain. Our eyes have rods and cons to that help us differentiate different colors. When we see a color, the color passes through the retinal cells in our eyes. Our receptor cells absorb the tints or hues of that color and send a direct signal to our brains where the color is interpreted. These particular brain impulses eventually invoke our emotional and psychological responses by regulating the endocrine glands.

We can see how color is associated with a child’s psychological stimulation, since day one.

The color wheel phenomenon

Before you choose the right color for your house painting, you need to know about the color wheel phenomenon. Color wheel is the illustrative guidance of color hues around the circles and visual effects of each primary color combinations. The reason why a color wheel is an essential tool for you is that it will give you an understanding of better color narratives as you get to know the analogous or complementary relationship between the colors.

Colour Wheel Explained - Neutrino Burst

Here’s how the colors are placed in a hierarchical order:

  • Primary colors: Primary colors are the pigments from which all the colors are derived. The primary colors are –
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  • Secondary colors: These are the basic mixture of the primary colors –
    • Orange (Red+Yellow)
    • Green ( Blue+Yellow)
    • Violet (Red+Blue)
  • Tertiary colors: Blue-Purple, Blue-Green, Yellow-Green, Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Red-Purple, etc.
  • Neutral colors: (Earth tones, textured); Black, white, grey, brown, beige, taupe, brown, ivory, cream. Just with a limited palette of primary colors, these neutral tones are made.

Read more: Principles of color and color wheel

Now that you know about the color wheel and fusions of colors let’s get started with some enticing painting ideas for both your interior and exterior painting.

Timeless Paint Colors – Interior

1. Green-based Pops

Depending on its undertone textures, green can be a color calmness, buoyancy, harmony, and renewal. Its soothing and refreshing multitude of lighter shades darker tones can easily bring the splash of life if you don’t have the time for bevvies of added greenery into your interior.

2. Earthly Green Hues

Interior - Earthly Green Hues - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: Home Design Ideas

Leafy green, deep statement green, lime-citrus green, sea green: with the versatility of green shades, you can create a refreshing ambience with a concept of a few wild forest canopies!

3. Tropical Feel

Interior - Tropical Feel - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: CountryLiving

Whether in the sizzle of summer or the mist of spring- neutral colors aqua, coral, tangerine, pastel, turquoise in between your walls can easily add a considerable swath of colors to make a warm tropical feel. The intensity of these tones with various shades of pink, orange, yellow and other tertiary colors can stir up a summery feel in no time.

4. All Shades of Purple

Interior - All Shades of Purple - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: MyDomaine

Purple combines the two tertiary colors, blue and red. The unification of blue’s subtlety and the red’s vigorous spirit on your walls can make your interior instantly invigorating! Purple color ranges all the shades and hues from, neutral to bold to give and uplifting energy to your room no matter which palette you choose.

5. Hues of Statement Red

Interior - Hues of Statement Red - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: Centsational Style

If you want to create a bold statement on your walls with a multitude of emotions, red is the ultimate color palette for you. Shades of red like crimson, wine, scarlet, rustic red etc. against the subtle tints of earthly color or the pop of tertiary colors are fabulous fusions to make a strikingly beautiful interior, with a statement!

6. Blue as the Warmest Color

Interior - Blue as the Warmest Colour - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: Homegirl London

Blue color has a calming-stabilsing effect on our mind. For your interior color paintings, nothing can go wrong with the hues and tints of blue. It’ll give your house a soothing effect despite your interior decorating style, from regal to nautical! Surprisingly, you can go bold with the darker shades of blue and great a statement against colors like toupe, white, mocha, turquoise and so on!

7. The Clasp of Black

To give your interior an edgy and modern appearance (before thinking about adding the decorative pieces), black is your ultimate go-to. The best thing about black is, it literally goes against any shades of any color! With this color of elegance and prestige, you can create a stinking accent wall without painting the whole space! Consider large decorative pieces against the black color to draw the attention on your décor naturally.

Timeless Paint Colors – Exterior

8. Modern Monochromatic Scheme

Steely grey or charcoal grey – from contemporary to opaque, all kinds of monochromatic shades are now massively popular worldwide, mainly because of its modern and moody schemes for all sort of exterior architectures. To add an instant zestful look to your curb within this monochromatic tincture, consider painting the front door or the gate with bright-captivating color like ruby-red, and see the dramatic change by yourself.

9. Rustic Home Appearance

Exterior - Modern Rustic Homes - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: Mountain Modern Life

If your house is surrounded by spacious yards and natural foliage, you can give your house curb a rustic look.

A fusion of dark brown with the organic brown or burnt orange undertone texture on your exterior wall trims will give your curb rustic timber appearance and grounded style and a natural tinge to your exterior which will blend in with nature easily.

10. Vibrant Accent Tones

Exterior - Vibrant Accent Colour - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Sherwin-Williams from Consumer Report

Light colors like pastel, coral, turquoise, lime yellow etc. are growing popularity to accentuate architectural details when it comes to exterior painting. Since bright colors will easily make your façade stand out, go for modern terracotta colors and evoke a vibrant, Tuscan aesthetic.

11. Warm-earthly Shades

For simple yet elegant, minimalist curb appearance of your house, mirror with the earthly shades like Yorkshire brown, coral, mint green, slate grey etc. for a tellurian flare of life that invokes a sense of tranquil and serene abode.

12. Citrus and Autumnal Color Splash

Exterior - Citrus and Autumnal Colour Splash - Neutrino Burst
Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay

Warm, autumnal colors like orange, yellow, and red are very captivating colors to pull the wall towards the eye. These colors also make your space appear smaller. If you want to make your room look smaller and cosier, go for the warm shades. Citrus tones lime yellow or leafy green evokes the sensibility of broader house curb.

13. Classic White with Layered Neutrals

Exterior - Classic White with Layered Neutrals - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Sherwin Williams from The Russian Run

White is undoubtedly the most timeless color for contemporary house curbs. And just by getting the exterior rimmed with accent shades of purple, brown, green or blue- you can soften and stabilise your surrounding!

14. The Classics: the Subtle Shade of Tranquil Retreat

Exterior - Subtle Shade of Tranquil Retreat - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

Wooden colors for warmth: limestone façade offers a base that’s in tune with both the home’s architecture and the natural landscape. To keep the color vibe low-key and minimalist, shutters and windows are painted a neutral yellow shade that nearly blends in the stonework.

15. Colors of Asymmetry

Exterior - Asymmetric Colour Scheme - Neutrino Burst
Photo by Lesley Unruh from One Kings Lane

Symmetrical homes with an asymmetrical blend of colors evoke a sense of rejoicing. Play with your favourite, light-colored palette rimmed by darker accents. The home softens into its surroundings, while a bright blue door spotlights the elegant architecture of the entryway.

16. Color Contrastive Tudor-style Exterior

Exterior - Tudor Style House - Neutrino Burst
Photo credit: Big Real Estate

Multiple asymmetrical facades, steep roof-lines, and elaborate brickwork and chimneys are some of the most distinctive Victorian features of Tudor-style houses. With darker color shades rimmed by accent tones, you can give your home appear to be more whimsy.

17. Detailing with White

Keep your house curb fresh with the details around the rims, and window trims and multiple architectural lines with a striking all-white exterior. If you want to make the paintings more prominent, go for neutral shades like marble white, white dove for the details emulsion.

Wrapping up

Colors in the house play a vital role in swaying our actions and our perspectives. The symbolism of colors is way dynamic that we can quite comprehend. So before painting your house, consider consulting with professional painting services to choose the best color schemes for your walls, and create a personality that defines your inner-self.

Happy painting!


  1. #16 is a mirror reversed picture, it’s my neighbors house at 4207 Salem, St Louis Park, MN, colors are Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk (OC-8) spruced with Benjamin Moore Copley Gray (HC-104).

    1. Thank you Christine for mentioning the color code for us. We’ve collected this image from web as an example but couldn’t get the correct codes. It’s a beautiful combination and house.

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