9 Exciting Social Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Social event ideas - Neutrino Burst!

Are you feeling bored with you monotonous life?

May be it’s time for you to make some new connections, or bring some positive changes in your community. How about organizing an exciting event and invite everyone to participate?

Obviously you can’t do it alone, and you need proper planning to organize a successful social event. The first step to do that is to decide which event you’re going to organize for a cheering up your community.

In this article we’ll discuss about 9 such ideas for you.

1. Fringe Festival

Get your whole community stirred up by arranging a fringe festival. Bring singing, cycling, skating, dancing, and other fun activities together in one place. Volunteers will have an important part to play to make your event successful. Award your volunteers’ hard work by giving them free T-shirts and arrange for a chance to win prizes and rewards.

If you are about to host an alluring fringe festival here are some tips for you.

  • The most important decision is choosing a suitable venue
  • Know who your performers are
  • Know your audience
  • Proper budgeting and financing

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is the largest fringe festival in Australia that takes places during February-March. This one-month festival is greeted by thousands of artists from all over Australia. Unleashing the fun within the community, it can be the social event to bring everyone together for a fantabulous journey.

2. Comedy Night

If your social event promises fun and laughter, then the number of attendees automatically increases. Start registration early to get an idea of the number of participants and audience you might have. Or, if you have a fixed venue then go with first come, first serve. Build up the participant list combining a mixture of local and professional comedians. This type of event can get a lot of audiences owing to its ability to release the stress that has been building up inside everyone.

If you are about to host a brilliant comedy event here are some tips for you.

  • Search out the perfect venue
  • Arrange seating near to the stage
  • Raise the height of the stage based on the venue size
  • Proper lighting to draw attention to performers
  • A proper sound system is crucial

3. Fashion Gala

For fashion lovers, the best way to get updated on the latest trend is to host a fashion event. It is the perfect opportunity for dress-makers and fashion designers to showcases some of their newest creations. People who are interested in the hottest styles will come to your event making it a big social gathering.

  • If you are about to host a brilliant fashion event here are some tips for you
  • Choose a venue based on the number of participants and attendees
  • Decide on what type of clothing your show should be
  • Find models for the event
  • Properly plan the event timing in advance

Brisbane wedding expo in April 2019 is supposed to feature designs by the state’s leading bridal designers and fashion retailers. For event planners or those who are soon to get wed, an event like this can be a great help.Coastal Clean-up

4. Snow-bombing

This event will include snow games, music, dancing and cozying up at the spa. For those who need a break from all the strain and anxiety it can be the perfect event. Different groups of people will be joining your event which will make it a place of social bonding.

If you are about to host an event like this, here are some tips for you.

  • Make sure that this event goes with the place you are hosting and all available factors are available
  • Let people know of the event you are organising
  • Make arrangement for games, music, dance and spa

The Snowbombing 2018 shows how such an event can help your attendees have an outstanding and stunning experience.

5. Sandfest

If you want to check out creativity, then organise a sandfest. Invite people to come and watch while sand is transformed into real works of art.

Here are some tips on how you can arrange your own sandfest event.

  • You need to have a good sandy beach for your venue
  • Take permission for organizing such an event from the local authority
  • Let professionals and local people know about your event
  • Let participants know whether they will need to bring their own equipment or you will be providing them at the venue
  • Arrange for rewards to give to the best work of sand art

Check these incredible sand sculptures at Texas SandFest:

6. Camel Cup

A great way to bring people together is a race. Arrange a camel racing event where participants can register their camels into the contest, and the winner gets to take the prize home. You will have a large number of attendees coming to watch this interesting race.

If you are about to host an alluring camel race event here are some tips for you.

  • Carefully select the venue and ground for the race
  • If there is betting, set the minimum and maximum amount. (We advise to keep betting forbidden)
  • A unique number for the camels
  • Arrange rewards for the winner

The 2016 camel race in Qatar shows how interesting and exciting a camel race can be.

7. Challenge the Waves

Hit the waves with a great surfing event to spice things up. It is a challenging event that will inspire many professional and passionate surfers to come.
History and new records might be made at your event!

Check out some tips on how you can arrange your own surfing event.

  • Choose a spot that has big waves for your event
  • Inform the community that you are hosting an event
  • Invite professional surfers
  • Have lifeguard and medical team on standby for emergencies

The 2018 Billabong Pipe Masters was a great event for surfers bringing a lot of excitement and exhilaration within the audience.

8. Coastal Clean-up

Stroll along the shore and collect plastic trashes that are lying on the beach on a coastal clean-up event. An event like this will inspire many others who are conscious about the environment like you to join up.

Here are some tips on how to organise a coastal clean-up event.

  • Plan and pick a date and time
  • Get approval from the local authority
  • Invite others to join your event
  • Think about the logistics that you might need
  • Be sure to make it fun with music and prizes

See how the whole community came together in International Coastal Clean-up 2017 at San Antonio, Zambales.

9. Conference on Climate Change

Among the most concerning elements affecting our climate, global warming and climate change are at the peak. The way things are going, very soon many low laying countries are going to go under-water. Arranging a conference is the first step towards making people aware and sitting together to discuss on how to fight against global warming and climate change.

Tips on how you should proceed for organising a conference.

  • First, choose what should be the goal and niche of your conference
  • Choose a venue
  • Invite specialist in that field
  • Anyone can send ideas and the ones selected can attend the conference

So, now you have 9 social event ideas that you can arrange to energize your community. Try mixing up these ideas and give your event an even better thrill. Making things fun and interesting always gives your event a better edge.

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