Why Should We Save Clean Water for Tomorrow (Infographic)

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Clean water is the most important natural resource on Earth, and it is our solemn duty to save clean water for generations to come.

But why?

As the frequency of severe droughts in the world is increasing with each passing year, the limited supply of fresh water is quickly becoming one of our significantly precious resources. The simple truth is, every human being requires water to survive. Without it, the repercussions would be overwhelming for humanity.

In recent times it has become a sad reality that, although almost 71% of the Earth’s surface consists of water, many regions of the world suffer from the shortage of clean water. Conserving water is critical because, without it, we cannot do our regular work and protect the ecosystem in the process. We need to use less and save more fresh water. By saving, we mean using our supply responsibly and wisely.

Why should we save clean water more?

Water is essential for life.

We humans as the most intelligent and responsible species on Earth, should understand the importance of clean water and efficiently sustain water to ensure a sufficient supply for our future generations.

Below, you’ll find six crucial reasons for saving clean water and why it’s a must for people living in this era.

1. Water is a staple in our daily activities

Water is used every day of our lives; it is required in almost everything we do. Here are some examples:

We need water to drink: A person may live up to a month without food but would perish in a few days without adequate intake of water. You certainly need clean water for drinking. RO and UV filtering are not enough. You are taking away all the minerals from your drinking water when filtering it. Obviously, it will clean the water, but you need to add the essential minerals to your drinking water after that. Hygienic water with essential minerals can help our body in various ways, such as:

  • It helps create saliva
  • It protects your spinal cord, tissues and joints
  • It helps maximise physical performance
  • It helps prevent constipation, aids in digestion
  • It helps excrete waste through perspiration, urination, and defecation
  • It helps you lose weight and nutrient absorption
  • It helps fight off illness
  • It improves oxygen circulation
  • It helps boost energy

We need water to cook: Water is a mandatory component in cooking food and is required for preparing the majority of dishes around the world. Because water can dissolve many substances, it acts as a carrier of flavor in popular drinks like tea, coffee, or juices.

We need water to stay clean: We require water to take baths and stay clean. Without water, would not be able to take showers or baths and stay clean. Being unhygienic due to being unclean can give off bad odors from our body and give rise to diseases like athlete’s foot, body lice, ringworm, etc. 

We need water to clean everything: Water is required to wash almost everything from our utensils to our clothes, the floor, our car, and numerous things. Without the availability of water, we would not be able to clean the basic things in life, as mentioned above.

In short, we need water for our day-to-day activities. We must conserve water if we want our kids to stay healthy, hygienic, and eat good foods.

2. Food cannot grow without water

Water is crucial in growing crops and irrigating systems. Produces such as fruits and vegetables require water to grow.

Imagine if an area is suffering from a drought, how will the food grow? If such a scenario occurs year after year, the ecosystem of the region affected by drought will be destroyed as plants of any kind will not be able to grow. A straightforward way of saying it would be, without water, the population will inevitably starve to death.

3. Water protects our ecosystem and wildlife

One thing we should keep in mind, humans are not the only species on Earth, and all other animals and plants also require water to survive. Water is essential for wildlife to thrive, but it isn’t just for drinking.

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For example, amphibians like frogs, newts, and toad use water as shelter and breeding grounds. Butterflies extract valuable minerals and salts from muddy water, and birds use water for bathing and removing parasites.

Conserving water is a matter of high importance as it is essential to our sustainability.

4. Using less water means saving more money

This is very simple to understand.

You do the math: if you use less water, the water company will charge you less money. Ultimately, the saved money goes into your pocket at the end of the month. Take this as an incentive and follow basic water conservation tips to save more than hundreds and thousands of liters of water each year.

For example, if you use a low-flow showerhead during a ten-minute shower, you can save around 15 gallons of water!

5. Conserving water saves energy

Pumped water often flows multiple hundreds of miles through open aqueducts, via pipelines, and over mountain ranges. Central facilities are used to pump water; a massive amount of energy is required to run the equipment.

For households on municipal water, their share of the energy required for domestic water can exceed the energy use that of a refrigerator. In rural homes containing deep wells, water pumping can be one of the most extensive electricity demands.

The bottom line is, saving water will also lead to saving energy and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Water is finite

A significant portion of the population believes that our supply of water is infinite; however, our supply is quite the opposite. This is an essential reason why water should not be polluted; many do not realize how vital and scarce water is. An astounding 97.5% of the Earth’s water is saltwater, only 2.5% of the Earth’s fresh supply of water is locked in glaciers and ice caps, leaving only 0.3% of freshwater which is drinkable and usable to be shared among 7 billion inhabitants.

The population is rapidly increasing with each passing day, lessening the already limited amount of water on our planet. To pave the way forward for a future of water preservation, we must learn to save what limited resources we have.

Here’s a fantastic infographic prepared in collaboration with Water Filter Portal to reflect the key facts about water conservation and visually explained reasons for saving more clean water.

Water conservation key fact and reasons to save clean water

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