6 (Doable) Green Business Ideas You Can Start With (Infographic)

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So, you’re thinking about starting a side hustle and you want to make sure you do it in the right way. It comes as no surprise that you might be considering some green business ideas to start with. With CSR (corporate social responsibility) taking the center stage for the last few years, it shows how impactful sustainability at the workplace really is.

For instance, companies like Toms shoes and Patagonia have initiatives put in place to help out the world as their businesses and teams grow. Every purchase you make could go to a cause. Or, if you work at their company, you’re able to contribute your time on the clock to something that helps the earth. In this day and age, CSR practices are valued at companies and for their employees. People want to work for employers that are willing and want to, help the earth around them.

Keep reading on how valuable sustainable business practices are, and some doable green business ideas that you can consider as your side hustle.

Why should you consider green business ideas? 

If you’re thinking about starting a business of your own, why not take the sustainable approach?

Not only can you build your career and business aspirations, but you can also grow your knowledge in the eco-friendly market. Especially as the year’s progress, sustainability practices can give you the cutting edge when it comes to your competitors, hiring employees, and showing your audience and team how much you and your company care about the world.

The best part is, you’re able to do it all on a small or large scale. Depending on your effort and situation.

For example, you can start a side hustle that entails going through your closet every new season to sell your old items online. Or, you can become a green entrepreneur by making sustainable products at home. And, as the year’s progress and everyday sustainable efforts become stronger and stronger, you could have the cutting edge to grow your business bigger than you ever thought you could with a strong startup strategy.

3 side hustles you can start with today

You may not have a ton of time to fully commit to sustainable business ideas. And, that’s okay — you don’t always have to! However, to get your foot in the door and start building your resume and skills on eco-friendly business ideas, you may start with a few side hustles that you’re able to do whenever you have the chance.

Look no further, we’re here to help! Keep reading to see our pick of top three eco-friendly ideas (side hustle) that could earn you a little extra cash this year.

Reminder: Don’t forget to track your progress to add in your portfolio later. 

1. Create eco-friendly products for good

If you have a desire to own your sustainable brand that’s purely focused on eco-friendliness with a moderate profit margin, first you need to check the market demand and where to hit.

For instance, you can create reusable cups, straws, ceramic plates, etc. that could replace the materials we use daily. You can also learn how to make glass, silicone, or even recycled products that help out your community (everything beings with your community). Or, you can even start a skincare company that only supplies all-natural products at a reasonable price.

Many people are working on ideas like these and many of them are successful within their second year. All you need is courage, some knowledge, learning the basics of manufacturing those products, and willingness to take some risk. Truth is – if you have the will, you’ll find a way.

To get your business up and running online, you can easily create your own website using an eCommerce website builder and invite people to go check it out. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. will help you spread the word quickly. It’s all fun and a great way to spend your time when you’re not engaged with more serious stuff.

Just make sure that you have all your legal documents in order before you fully settle on a business name and market your business. It could save you time and money in the future.

2. Create fun projects with used or recycled items

You could turn your recycled goods into moneymakers. For instance, you could save all the materials you would need to recycle and earn cash from your community. To do this, round up all your trash that can be turned in for cash, or do an at-home project with your closed ones. You could have a craft night and create a board of art with wine corks or make a cook “painting” styled portrait made out of used cans.

Don’t forget to have fun with your projects! With your creativity and wits, you could sell your favorite pieces on Etsy/Artfire or to your inner circle (with a little effort of course). Over time as your portfolio grows, you may be able to take your passions full-time. Who knows!

3. Flip and sell unused (or second-hand) items online

If you want to start with something little easier, you can sell just about anything you don’t need online.

Start by decluttering your living space to see what you want to get rid of, and what you could make some money off. If you don’t want to get rid of anything else in your living area, ask your friends or coworkers if you could help them list their unwanted items online for a commission. You create a merchant account online, list those items, sell them and earn a percentage off of every sale you make.

Or, you can learn how to flip second-hand items to make a bigger profit. For instance, you can find furniture that may be a little beat up at the second-hand store. You could buy it at a low cost, take it home to flip it, and then resell it for double or triple what you got it for.

It’s all about how creative you can be, and how far you can go for it. But once you start doing it, you’ll see the fun and profit in it.

3 full-time gigs that give back

If you have a little more time to spare (which is great), you can get started on a more demanding sustainable business idea and take over the world with your eco-friendly approach. Check out our top three picks of full-time sustainable gigs below. 

1. Sustainable event management

As the year carries out, you may be able to plan a little more into the future than we had in 2020. But, as we prepare to get go back to normal, you may be ready to get the party started (quite literally). And, if you’re ready to host events, you’re more than likely one to love organizing and moving quickly throughout your position — use these skills to party plan.

Use your expertise to host events for others that don’t want to do it by themselves. Start your own event planning gig with an environment-friendly approach in mind. You could even partner with small businesses that have similar goals as you to empower strong events that you and your clients will love.

2. Make your own farm

If you have a green thumb, you should put it to work! Follow your passions and start up your own farm in your backyard to sell your produce. Every week, or month, you can sell fresh produce with unique boxes to your inner circle, community, coworkers, or even online! Be sure to come up with a creative (and catchy) business name and promote your business online and on social media so that nearby people can find you easily. 

In most cases, consumers would rather support small businesses and eat local produce that touches fewer hands and transportation devices. You could go the extra mile and make deals with local stores to sell your organic, locally produced goods.

If you can do this right, you’ll earn both money and respect in your community. Priceless!

3. Fix things for a living

You most likely are one to want to fix something before you throw it away. But, other people may not be the same way. To help those that need it, sign up for TaskRabbit where you can help people fix machines, equipment, or various other things rather than having to buy a new one.

For instance, you could help someone fix their fridge rather than having to get rid of it entirely. The same goes for kitchen cabinets, printers, computers, or any other regular household appliances and supplies.

Check out the infographic below for more green business tips, stats, and ideas.

Green Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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