17 Undeniable Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Hotels

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The human race has but one planet.

It’s a beautiful one with so much to see and do. With climate change being a very real issue today, we may not have the time to appreciate the beauty of the earth that we have much longer.

The United Nations recognizes climate change as ‘the defining issue of our time’. We are all affected by it. No one can escape from its negative effects. No industry has been spared.

Particularly, the tourism industry.

With increasingly sweltering temperatures and rising sea levels, there can be no doubt of the significant—and not necessarily positive—impact climate change has had on tourism. However, did you know that tourism has been quite the contributor to climate change? In 2008, the travel industry was estimated to be responsible for at least 4% of the earth’s total carbon dioxide emissions. It has been more than a decade since then, and it is safe to assume that that figure has been doubled.

We can’t possibly say goodbye to tourism, can we?

The desire to travel, see the world, and dwell in all that it has to offer is innate in us; Homo sapiens. Thankfully, we don’t have to stop traveling. So many hotels have been joining the sustainable tourism movement in recent years.

Have you ever tried going green with the hotel that you booked?

Here are 17 reasons why you should choose an eco-friendly hotel for your next trip.

1. Support a global movement

The fight against climate change is a global effort.

Sea levels are rising all over the globe. You do know that, right?

So, avoid damaging your destination and help make it better by opting for sustainable tourism. Do your part by supporting an establishment that aims to operate for the sake of our collective future in mind. Eco-friendly hotels are one of those establishments, and they do a lot more than just provide you with a comfortable stay.

Keep on reading to find how.

2. Participate in earth-friendly projects

Sustainable programs in conjunction with day-to-day operations.

That’s a key difference between eco-friendly hotels and the conventional hotels.

True eco-friendly hotels not only aim to make baby steps when it comes to caring for Mother Nature but also intend to make giant leaps through earth-friendly local projects like coastal cleanups or tree-planting workshops.

Coastal cleanup by locals at Lumambong Beach

3. Explore creative and eco-friendly facilities

It’s not easy to incorporate eco-friendly facilities into hotels.

A lot of work goes into that. We got to the point that we are now because being wasteful is a much more convenient option. That is why those who opt to really take the environment into consideration with the hotel facilities have to be super-efficient and highly creative with how they go about things.

For this reason alone, you should definitely check out sustainable hotel offers. You’ll be surprised to see how innovative they can be!

4. Get a personalized experience

Eco-friendly hotels are all about you.

They will ask you what items and services you can or can’t do without. They will inform you of how things are done and inquire if you are okay with it. See what works for you! Not every hotel will care as much about your needs—as well as the environment’s—as an eco-friendly hotel.

Get a personalized experience at eco-friendly hotels
Tree photo created by prostooleh from freepik.com

5. Stay away from technology for a while

In our daily life, we are so intertwined with technology. We can’t go anywhere without a smartphone in our pocket. We have to stay digitally connected all the time.

Staying at an eco-friendly hotel will remind you how there is a lot more in life than the gadgets that have us all so hooked. It will invite you to put all of these aside and really delve into the joys of your hard-earned vacation.

6. Stay a little closer to Mother Nature

If one of the reasons you are traveling is to bring yourself closer to nature, hit two birds with one stone by booking a room at an eco-friendly hotel.

While not all sustainable hotels are tucked in the recesses of a jungle, all undoubtedly aim to bring their guests closer to Mother Earth—whether it be through their strategic location, the services they offer, or the products that come along with the experiences they sell.

Stay a little closer to Mother Nature
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

7. Enjoy a little more privacy

While a lot of hotels and travel-goers are joining the sustainable tourism movement, not everyone is on-board just yet. Most vacationers still continue to choose more convenient accommodation options.

It’s their loss, don’t you think?

With only a few people in eco-friendly hotels right now, there will be more space for you and a lot more privacy to enjoy your stay.

8. Delve yourself into fresh and organic foods

When we’re talking about eco-friendly hotels, it’s not just the facilities and the room services they’re offering. Sustainable tourism is all about being holistic with the services provided. That includes the food served to the guests.

Eco-friendly hotels always have local fruits and vegetables in their pantries and freshly caught fishes stored in their freezers.

Feel a little bit of heaven!

Fresh local produce in a bazaar
Photo by Julian Hanslmaier on Unsplash

9. Actively reduce carbon footprint

How much do you know about carbon footprint?

In a nutshell, it’s the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds that have been emitted due to both your direct and indirect consumption of fossil fuels.

With so many things related to travel, it’s challenging to keep track of your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly hotels are very much aware of what theirs is. They always keep track of this, so you don’t have to worry about it when you stay.

Ideally, expect a significant reduction on your carbon footprint when you check-in a hotel dedicated to keeping their carbon footprint at a minimum level.

10. A guaranteed guilt-free stay

Do you feel guilty about how much energy you waste when you leave the air-conditioning inside your hotel room on? How about when you take a bath in the tub?

Say goodbye to those worries when you stay at an eco-friendly hotel. With solar panels used instead of fossil fuels—and whatever water you consume, are recycled—you are guaranteed to have a guilt-free stay.

11. Co-exist with the local wildlife

We share this planet with hundreds of thousands of other species of animals. When we damage the environment that we live in, we also damage theirs.

Eco-friendly hotels always put the welfare of local wildlife at the forefront, so much so that many hotels have become sanctuaries where these local animals can roam freely and safely, together with humans.

It’s an amazing experience that you will always remember.

Cute monkey resting on the tree
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

12. Contribute to the local community

We have talked about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, but what about local communities?

On top of its passion for the preservation of our environment, at the core of every eco-friendly hotel practicing sustainable tourism is a mandate to help the local communities where it stands. Eco-friendly hotels do not only make use of locally made products, they also employ the services of local people.

13. A chance to learn tiny life lessons

We travel not only because we want to see, but also because we want to learn.

There is a lot to learn from eco-friendly hotels. From the way they manage wastes to how they reuse towels and linens, you will surely pick up a thing or two when you check-in.

Bring these lessons with you when you check-out, and continue to fight for the environment within the comfort of your home. Maybe these small experiences will inspire you to start living an eco-friendly life.

14. Comparatively a healthier option

According to the World Health Organization, the fight for our environment is also a fight for our health. Unnecessary and non-biodegradable wastes not only negatively impact the things around us—but they also hurt us as an individual.

Imagine a hotel that is actively working toward reducing their waste. That hotel would not only be objectively cleaner but also healthier and better for our bodies.

15. Enjoy affordable rates

When you go green, you cut down on a lot of things—water, electricity, gas. The same thing applies to hotels.

Eco-friendly hotels make use of less equipment and consume less energy. With so much saved, rates are often lower and a lot friendlier to a traveler’s wallet.

If not, you can rest assured that whatever money you spend goes to a good cause, and you’re indirectly helping nature by causing less damage while your travel and enjoy.

A couple enjoying hanging chair
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

16. Encourage a sustainable effort

The only thing that is constant in life is change. We can see that with how fast things are coming and going.

In the face of all of these obstacles and challenges, eco-friendly hotels are all about employing environmentally conscious practices that will stand the test of time. If you choose to stay in an eco-friendly hotel, you will ensure that the services they provide will continue to go on long after you have checked out.

17. A one-of-a-kind experience

Every eco-friendly hotel is unique, and each one offers different kinds of stays for their guests. You are only going on a specific trip once. Why not elevate that experience into one-of-a-kind by booking a night—or a week!—at an eco-friendly hotel?

Wrapping up…

There you have it.

A handful of reasons to choose eco-friendly hotels for your next trips.

There could be hundreds more, and we may not be able to list them all. However, what we CAN do for you is to suggest a hotel that ticks off all the items on this list.

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The absolute best beach resort on the island of Palawan, Philippines is also one of the most eco-friendly vacation destinations around—and only a few people know about it!

Be one of the early-bird guests of the Binga Beach Resort in Palawan. Here, you will not only feel like you are closer to nature; you will become one with the mountains, the forests, and the sea.

We can talk about how beautiful Binga Beach is all day, but neither its natural nor man-made beauty is what puts it on top of our list of eco-friendly hotels to consider in Palawan. Its contributions to both the environment and the local community are what makes it exceptional.

Keep this in mind when you’re planning your next trip. Gaze out with wonder at how breathtaking our world is but remember that we have to do our part in keeping it that way. Try to choose an eco-friendly hotel for the next time you get caught by the travel bug.

Do you think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comment section below and we’ll update the content to add more value.

Featured image by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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