How to Choose the Right Skip Hire Company (Infographics)

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It’s often hard to figure out how good those skip hire companies are when you search online.

Most likely you are a busy person, a homemaker, or working full time; which often makes it difficult to dispose of household rubbish on your own, particularly the hard ones.

One of the reasons many people search (online or in their locality) for the “best” skip bin provider, to efficiently remove rubbish without getting into too much trouble. If you Google, you’ll find a heap load of “professional” or “local” skip providers on the web, which makes it even harder to make the best call.

To ease your trouble and to give you a clear idea of which factors you should consider before choosing a skip hire company, we’ve prepared this exclusive article.

Before you begin with the list below, you can take a quick look at a beautiful and timely infographic shared with us by the folks at RedBins, detailing why eco-friendly junk removal is crucial for us and our future generations.

Check out the infographic first 👇

Or, start with our tips below.

1. Type of waste

The first thing to know while choosing a skip bin provider is if they process the type of waste you are generating. Depending on the type of rubbish, the kind of bins you choose will differ.

If you are dealing with batteries, chemicals, or other hazardous material then regular skip bins are not your solution. Waste is classified into different categories based on its composition. Make sure you go through the provider’s website to understand and know this information in detail.

2. Size of your skip/bin

You may need to remove a large quantity of rubbish or only a small amount. Not every company will have the correct sized skip you require. First, go through the sizes they offer thoroughly and calculate the skip size based on the volume of your garbage.

Size and price are directly dependent on one another, and keep in mind that transporting overflowing skips/bins is illegal so it’s best to order one slightly larger than you think you will need.

To shed some more light on the matter, here’s a fantastic infographic created and shared with us by Impala Skip Hire which will help you decide what size of skip you need.

Complete guide on hiring skip sizes - Impala Skip Hire

3. Price comparison

Beware of being overcharged. Some companies may charge much more than the usual rate. The best way to filter out such companies is to carry out a price comparison.

Skip bins are not cheap. Make sure the company you choose, values your money. There are some who provide money back guarantee which allows you more security and peace of mind.

4. Online presence

Your time is your most valuable asset. There is no need to call a provider’s office to book their service. Many skip bin providers will allow you to book online or submit an enquiry form. Choose a skip bin provider who is providing you with these facilities.

5. Qualifications

The qualification of the staff that will be providing you with their service defines how well their work standard will be. They must be given proper health and safety training. Before hiring, ask if they have been provided with adequate training.

Take for example, asbestos. When removing waste materials like wall sheeting, gutters, floor tiles and fascias, there is the risk of exposure to asbestos. Having experienced staff is necessary as they will have right gear and takes proper precautions to avoid the risk of exposure.

6. Customer support

For any service, the customer support companies provide is critical. As the nature of waste varies, it is essential that you are able to contact them and get help if the need arises. A good skip bin hire service should be able to effectively and promptly respond to your queries.

7. Recycling policy

Failure to properly dispose of your rubbish can result in environmental pollution which can severely impact the earth. When choosing your skip bin hire service, make sure they have a recycling policy and ask if they have a recycling depot. Ensure that as much of your waste as possible is recycled and does not go to landfills.

8. Awards and reputation

Go to a reputable company who has a good record of excellent customer service. A reputable company will likely have testimonials on their website and may even have some reviews on Facebook and Google.

9. Proper bin placement

Before you choose a bin for hire to decide where you will be placing it. Also plan and talk to your supplier beforehand about where they will be able to put it. A good provider will be happy to help you.

Eco-friendly junk removal and why it matters

It is troubling to know that North Americans produce more garbage per capita than any other country.

With the effort of each individual, we can make a world of difference in the number of greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, and toxins we release into the air. Greenhouse gases are the number one culprit contributing to climate change, and the more we can reduce our carbon footprints, the less negative impact we’ll have on the planet.

Without proper garbage management, we put the entire planet at risk. With eco-friendly recycling programs and garbage management, we can reduce the number of hazardous chemicals and toxins released, as well as fewer materials are sent to landfills that cause decades of pollution challenges.

Eco-friendly junk removal and why it matters

By using eco-friendly junk removal methods such as recycling, reusing, composting, donating, and generating energy, we can positively impact the earth by reducing the number of pollutants we release.

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There is so much to gain by taking garbage and junk removal more seriously. You can do your part by using eco-friendly junk removal to free up space in landfills and see all recyclable materials handled properly. Skips are the ideal solution to dispose of your household and office rubbish effectively. In most cases, all you have to do is make sure to choose the right skip hire provider in your locality.

Do you think we’ve missed anything important in our list? Feel free to share your thoughts and start a constructive conversation below.


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  2. It’s interesting that a skip bin can provide a safe place for workers to dispose of dangerous things such as glass or concrete. It makes sense that having a confined and enclosed place for these things can be very helpful to ensure nobody gets hurt and to keep the site clean. Thanks for the post; you have a lot of great points about why it’s a good

  3. Thank you for your tip to get price comparisons from different skip bin companies. My brother is cleaning out his garage and he has a lot of stuff so he’ll need a skip bin. I’ll be sure to tell him that he needs to compare the prices of each skip bin company so he can get a good deal.

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  8. My cousin is planning on renovating her kitchen and is expecting to get rid of a lot of things but she wants to make sure that it gets dumped where it is supposed to go. She really wants to hire a skip bin that she can just throw everything into and then have it taken away by a professional. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should make sure to hire someone that has the right training and qualifications to handle things like asbestos.

  9. Many people search for the ‘perfect’ skip bin providers, to efficiently remove those rubbish without getting into too much trouble. I like the points you mentioned in this article.

  10. I never knew that we need to know the type of wastes we are planning to get rid of before renting a skip bin.

  11. Thanks for the tip to get a skip bin that’s slightly bigger than what you need so you aren’t illegally hauling an oversized bin. It is better to have too much room than too little. It also allows you to find more things that you need to throw away if there is a ton of leftover space.

  12. I like what you said about deciding where you’re going to place a skip bin before you order it. My sister wants to renovate her kitchen in the coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for skip bins that can help her with this.

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  14. I didn’t realize that it would be a good idea to make sure the skip bin provider processes the type of waste you are generating. My brother is wanting to renovate his home, so there will be a lot of wood waste from the walls that are being taken down. I will have to ask him if he is planning on hiring a skip bin to take all the waste away.

  15. I can understand how a business could really benefit from getting rid of their waste safely with the right kind of bin. Making sure that it can be exempted by a professional could be really useful for them. It was interesting to learn about how they can reduce hazardous materials and toxins with proper garbage management.

  16. I know home painting, renovation, real estate home refurbishing leaves a lot of waste. Handing the waste properly is not only beneficial to the individual but also does good to environment.

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  19. When choosing a waste management business, in addition to receiving good value for money, it’s also helpful to choose a local business, or a business that has the ability to operate in your local area. After all, if a waste management business is sending a truck miles and miles out of the way to deliver a skip for your dry waste, you’re ultimately going to be paying for all those extra miles it takes to deliver the skip. Additionally, it’s also worthwhile noting the environmental impact, if you don’t choose a local or locally operating business, think of all the greenhouse gasses being produced by the truck as it drives there and back delivering your skip, and there and back collecting your skip.

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