8 Exciting Things to Do in Alice Springs

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Essentially located on the edge of the Outback, the remote city of Alice Springs offers plenty to do and see. Here there are opportunities to see a side of Australia that you simply can’t learn about in other parts of the country. Whether it be taking in the amazing natural sights, learning about desert life or simply visiting some historical landmarks, Alice Springs should be high on the list if you’re planning a trip to Central Australia.

Let’s take a quick look at 8 existing things to do in Alice Springs.

1. Kangaroo Sanctuary

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is simply a must-see if you want to get up close and personal with baby joeys. What started out as a kangaroo rescue centre has turned into a wildlife sanctuary. Guided sunset tours are quite amazing and you’re bound to learn a great deal and get to know about the Australian icon that is the kangaroo, like never before.

2. Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Having been effectively cut off from the other continents for so long, Australia host some of the weirdest and wonderful animals in the world, so if you are touring the great southern land, make sure you get to know a few of them!
The Reptile Centre will allow you to do just that and is truly the best way to learn about our cold-blooded friends here down under. Hands-on and highly educational, the reserve is the home to everything from crocodiles to snakes, thorny-devils, geckos, frill-neck lizards and just about everything in between!

3. Earth Sanctuary

Just out of Alice Springs, Earth Sanctuary gives tourists the chance to experience the magic of the outback like never before. This family-run nature reserve offers a range of tours and team-building activities designed to teach visitors about the importance of eco-friendly living and survival in the central Australian desert. Astronomy tours are certainly a highlight and will offer you a star-gazing experience you’ll never forget. The team also offers bush tucker and sustainability tours among many others. Their informative, fun and provide insight and education that you really can’t get anywhere else.

4. Aboriginal Australia Culture Centre

Alice Springs is home to a large population of indigenous Australians, rich culture, beliefs and way of life is a hugely important part of the identity of Australia and its land. The Aboriginal Australia Culture Centre features artwork, photo displays and historical information, providing visitors with an insight into how life in Aboriginal communities has been for tens of thousands of years. Well worth a visit before you visit Uluru.

5. ANZAC Hill

Commemorated as an official ANZAC memorial in 1930s, ANZAC Hill provides a great deal of historical information about the brave Australians that fought in World War 1.

Drawing huge crowds at dawn every ANZAC Day, the memorial also makes for a great lookout point and provides some impressive 360-degree panoramic views of the city of Alice Springs. We’d recommend heading over on a clear afternoon and watching the sunset.

6. Finke National Park

For unique desert views, amazing rock formations and wildlife, plan a guided tour around Finke National Park. Located an hour and a half west of Alice Springs, the area is known for being the setting of the world’s oldest river, and the rugged terrain makes it a popular spot for a 4WD adventure.

Finke National Park, Alice Springs

7. Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve

Just less than 150km out of the city, the reserve is the site of a number of large craters that formed following the impact of one of the largest meteorites ever to reach Australia. It is estimated that it weighed upwards of 5-6 tonnes and it broke up as it entered the atmosphere, resulting in many craters appearing rather than just one.

Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve, Alice Springs

The site makes for an educational day learning about how the meteorite has impacted the area. People often camp and bush-walk in the area also.

8. Outback Ballooning

Yes, you can probably go hot air ballooning near where you live, but doing it in the Australian outback is truly a magical experience. Given that weather conditions are stable and predictable there’s little danger of cancellation and the consistent clear, blue skies mean that you’ll be able to see the outback stretch out across Central Australia for hundreds of miles. This is something not to be missed.

Outback Ballooning, Alice Springs

There are plenty of other activities to keep you occupied in Alice Springs, these are just a few that are highly recommended and give you the best snapshot of what Alice Springs is all about! 

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