8 Essay Writing Tips for Students to Make Things Easier

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Are you having a hard time doing those assignments?

Although many students hate that, composition and essay are two most popular types of academic writing style and an excellent method to develop literary abilities.

As educational tools, both of the formats mentioned above allow you to collect information, evaluate it and draw your own conclusions, which undoubtedly affects the formation of thinking. Novice authors often cannot give preference to one of the genres.

Custom essay writing services have gained much popularity in recent times and the services are mostly professional. College students no longer have to write academic papers if there is, let’s say, no time due to some reasons.

Now you may breathe a sigh of relief because you are about to find out tips and resources to improve your essay writing skill faster and more accurately.

Reasons for the popularity of essays

Writing an essay allows students to develop creativity, teach them to analyze possible problems and draw on personal experience in various fields. This format is the most common as an independent work in North American institutions. A direction such as an essay helps:

  • develop creative possibilities;
  • correctly formulate your thoughts;
  • learn to use stylistic expressions in artistic speech;
  • pose rhetorical questions that emphasize the essence of the presentation.

Writing various essays is a proven way to develop personality in future writers, thanks to which students can independently learn to analyze the tasks assigned and improve their creative skills. It truly is a little price to pay when you buy orders and receive self-expression.

The first and foremost secret that every aspiring writer should know: learn from the best examples!

Therefore, we offer you a simple and practical way: do you want to write a good text?

  • Find quality samples of the genre you need and study them carefully.
  • Pay attention to how these texts use grammatical constructions, different types of sentences and other linguistic phenomena.
  • Write down and memorize grammar, words and typical phrases and apply all this in your texts.

Please do not plagiarize other people’s text. You may take inspiration from their work or writing style but a direct copy is prohibited and can cause serious trouble.

Useful writing tips for students

1. Decide on the format of writing

When writing an essay, the main emphasis is on the formation of written speech and the competent formulation of thoughts when building a narrative. In the text, it is necessary to conduct a small analysis of the existing problem, which becomes the basis for reasoning.

In turn, an essay allows you to prove your point of view on the basis of logical arguments. The goal is to get the reader’s response, make them want to reflect on the problem and form their own point of view. Experts believe that writing an essay requires a deeper understanding of the issue, including a creative approach. Thus, it is a more complex genre that requires more skill and effort, also more creative expression.

2. Take assistance from the professionals

In order to study all aspects of the question posed, let’s focus on the American education system. Here, formal education is based on the organization skills of students’ independent work. Everyone chooses for themselves their own interesting area and gathers knowledge and experience in it. Thanks to this, upon completion of the programs, each graduate has in-depth knowledge and expertise in their field.

Basically, students must complete creative assignments in the form of writing essays. Far from everyone is able to keep up with creative work, which is the basis of the final assessment.

Because of this, you can find many special websites online, which are specialized to assist the users with writing high-quality and creative assignments. The key benefits for students are cheap rate and quick delivery. In return, experienced writers will take care of processing the necessary information and writing a competent essay. Students are happy to use the service when they cannot independently prepare for writing the desired work.

If you are a student and you or any one of your peers need professional essay writing services, renowned agencies like Writing Help provide that at a competitive price. Whether it is a research paper or any type of assignment, their team of expert writers are best in class for any kind of English writing work. You name it, you get it.

3. BBC Learning English

We all have our own good and bad habits. Today, we recommend a new good habit for you – watch BBC Learning English videos on a regular basis.

The BBC’s YouTube channel for English contains videos on English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and teaching methods. The topics might sound boring at the beginning, but the video explains them in an easy, understandable and entertaining way. After watching a couple of videos you will feel that you do not have to force yourself to watch these; you will spontaneously turn on this channel every day simply because it makes learning English interesting.

Listening is a very effective method of learning any language. The more you listen, the richer your vocabulary gains and the more you can understand grammatical constructions without much effort.

Try watching or listening to these videos as a warm-up before you sit down to write, or if you get stuck and can’t find the right word or phrase.

4. Thesaurus in MS Word

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and related words. This feature is available in several languages in Microsoft Word. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right word, and the thesaurus can save a lot of time when editing the text of a document.

You can select a synonym for a word by right-clicking on the word and hovering over the synonyms command from the menu that opens. In the submenu that appears, options for replacing a word with a synonym will be presented. When you select the thesaurus command in the submenu, a panel with reference materials opens in the program window, in which there are various options of the word.

5. Grammarly

When you write, you need to keep track of everything at once: grammar, spelling, correct word usage and punctuation. Grammarly is the most popular web service that mercilessly exterminates grammatical errors of any kind in your content. To use the service, create a free account first. Going through registration, you can download a special browser extension or use the online version of the editor. Its interface is really simple and intuitive.

After you download the browser extension (the process takes less than a minute), an icon with a green arrow will appear in the upper right corner. Now, whether you’re tweeting a comment, in an inbox, or a post on a website, Grammarly will keep you literate.

6. English Forums

The next tip is very simple and obvious: if you don’t know something, ask someone who does.

If there are no native English speakers in your surroundings, use the Internet. There are plenty available among which are EnglishClub ESL Forums, Using English, British Council English Learning, etc. There is hardly a student who knows Google but not familiar with Quora and Reddit. If you search on the web you’ll find hundreds of similar websites and forums. By creating a free account, you’ll be able to interact with many experts and learners like yourself.

Go to the forums dedicated to learning English and writing and ask your question. Visitors to these forums usually provide comprehensive explanations and great advice. They will surely answer you and help you understand how to improve your text.

If you cannot find the answer to a specific question or understand the grammar rule on your own, do not waste time looking for answers in textbooks and on websites. Head over to the forum and ask people who speak English like a native.

7. “The English Language: A User’s Guide” by Jack Lynch

Repeat grammar rules constantly.

There’s nothing you can do about it – everyone, including native speakers, has gaps to fill in, even if it seems boring. If you want to express your thoughts clearly in writing, you need to be able to choose the right grammar for this. And if the thoughts are complex, then the structure of your sentences should correspond to them.

Find the book here.

8. Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue University has an Online English Writing Lab. Everyone who wants to learn how to write professional English should check this out.

Purdue OWL provides users with access to a myriad of academic writing tutorials in a variety of genres and levels. There is a section for those who want to learn English as a foreign language, in which you will find grammar lessons, guidelines on the structure of texts, requirements for their originality, as well as criteria applied to academic texts of various types. In addition, there is a formatting section with comprehensive instructions.

If you study or work at a foreign university, you should definitely know how it is customary to arrange texts in different fields of science.

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But any language barrier can be overcome; just a little push is needed. Very soon, you will be able to put your ideas into brilliant writing.

Wrapping up

Armed with these practical tips and the helpful resources listed in our article, you are sure to master all the nuances of writing in English, from grammar to style.

Believe in yourself and what you want to say to your reader, and try to shape your thoughts into appropriate form with these helpful tools. Success will not be long in coming.

So, let’s get started!

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