Advantages of Custom Packaging for Your Business

Benefits of custom packaging - Neutrino Burst!

Customization is a source of achieving exclusivity in the market with a distinctive experience for the customer.

Product packaging is not different at all, and personalizing the boxes has given many businesses benefits associated with engagement and sales. Custom packaging is different from the standard ones because of its ability to represent the vision of the owner.

Product packaging is crucial for brands to allow their goods to stand out in the market with a wholesome customer experience. It has an integral part in safekeeping the product against tampering elements, namely wear-and-tear, pressure, and environmental damages. You will not be able to maintain success in the market for long if your packaging does not radiate positivity.

This article will discuss the points that will help your business attract more light in this competitive world with branded customized packaging.

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What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging is the boxing of products that are particularly tailored to your brand’s requirements and the goods you deal in. It’s designed to hold the product fittingly and goes all-out for its safety better than generic boxes.

The packaging mostly goes through several processes, such as engineering, design, mockup, and assessing to ensure the custom packaging fulfills its objective. It often consumes time, effort, and costs to make your packaging better than the standard ones from the time when boxes are in the intensive process.

It must be engineered to achieve perfection. The physical features of the packaging are of utmost importance. You can personalize with logos, shapes, images, or something that represents your brand. You need to have your identity on the box to enthrall customers.

The key benefits of custom packaging

1. Effectively increase the brand value

To specific target groups, that is.

Custom packaging fulfills the requirements for safety and acts as an effective channel for branding. Your package is a tangible object that the consumers will feel and create a brand perception with its quality and customization. 

From a customer’s point of view, imagine receiving a product in a plain, boring brown box instead of a fine personalized packaging, which gives a complete, refined user experience. What will you prefer? A mundane packaging or something which narrates the story of a brand? We both know what the correct answer here is.

The first option is generic and would not entice a buyer, but the latter exceeds the consumer’s expectation and builds a ‘WOW!’ moment. This single ‘WOW!’ moment can play a crucial role in customer retention and the power of word-of-mouth (WOM). It refines the overall experience and helps to grow your brand for a longer period of time.

Custom packaging increases brand value
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Moreover, this branding strategy costs much lower than standard advertising options and reaches a more targeted audience with its nature. Overall, custom packaging increases brand awareness and value, and significantly enhances the customer experience than standard packaging.

2. Ensures the perfect fit for your product

Another important perk of personalized packaging is that they are crafted to keep your product flawlessly. They are tailored as per your items, keeping their size, material, and weight, etc., in mind. These properties are often considered while designing the packaging for products.

Tailored boxes have an enhanced material, which eventually cuts prices and decreases wastage. Your products also sit in the boxes perfectly without the need for extra packaging material to fill the empty spaces with paddings. They also ensure that your product does not move too much inside the box and sustain damages during shipment.

Custom packaging fits your products
Image credit: InTheBag

For example, Impressionville durable Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and can be custom made. These are popular these days for safe and sound deliveries.

3. Enhance the customer experience

A unique packaging creates a unique experience for the consumers.

A smart and beautifully designed product packaging make their own place in the market and make the buyer feel special! A key technique for higher customer retention is not to make your consumer feel bored.

For instance, imagine buying an iPhone in a tasteless, single-toned cardboard box with nothing on it. Apple has designed its packages in a manner that the user always feels premium when they get their hands on the box. It is sleek, simple, and has its own identity in the tech world.

iPhone 12 custom packaging
Source: wccftech

This is just one of many examples that brands are adopting in this age of visual marketing.

Suppose you want to make a long-lasting impression on your customer or potential customers’ minds. In that case, you should start focusing on connecting the company value with your unique customized product packaging.

It’s always best if you built a connection with the buyer to leave an impact. It helps to ensure that the customers revisit your brand over and over again (granted, your product has to be awesome as well). It is a mantra of many successful brands in the last couple of decades.

4. Better protection for your products

Not everything falls in the same category. In some cases, your product might be fragile or have a unique shape that is vulnerable to shipping. Custom packaging is an excellent choice to protect goods during transportation. No one wants their products to deform or break during shipment due to pressure and other factors.

You have the option of snug fit and padding in the custom packaging to secure your products from most types of damage.

5. Eco-friendly alternative from traditional packaging

Given the increasing global waste and global warming, people are becoming more conscious about minimizing land waste. Fortunately, you can design the custom boxes with paper which provides you with recyclability, reusability, and biodegradability, leaving the environment free from adverse impacts.

Moreover, packaging companies do not use suck inks – which are dangerous for the environment – while manufacturing environmental-friendly packaging solutions. Brands are opting for recyclable material to make sure their goods are not a source of waste in the world. You can save the land and aquatic lives by using sustainable papers, like Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated.

For future generations, this is one of the strongest reasons to go for custom packaging.

6. An excellent choice for subscription products

Product manufacturers and those who send monthly subscription products to users can also reap the benefits of customized packaging.

Monthly subscribers will get bored if they continuously receive the products in generic packaging. A vivid and beautifully designed package helps promote your company and entice them to refer your brand or your products to others. That’s the best kind of marketing there is.

Honestly, you can’t expect a fantastic review or great impression with simple brown boxes. Whereas custom-designed and branded packaging will excite the consumer and let them know that you’re not just selling products but investing your thoughts into it.

That will make them love you more.

7. A chance to make a difference with add-ons 

Furthermore, customized packaging also allows the inclusion of add-ons.

For instance, you can have locking tabs to increase the safety of your product. You can also add child locks on medicine packaging so kids cannot open the box easily and make a mess. Similarly, you can opt for ear locks for gift packaging to make it look refreshing and decorate the box for an ethereal unboxing experience.

Child lock medicine packaging
Source: IGBressan

The point being, there are lots of opportunities to put yourself apart from your competitors in the market. Customers specifically notice the uniqueness of their purchases and like to share those experience with other.

You should not miss this opportunity.

Things to consider while opting for custom packaging

It does not matter whether it’s a tiny beauty product or an edible item; it’s totally up to you how you want the packaging.

Currently, customized (at time, personalized) packaging is a favorite choice for sending cosmetics, bakery items, and electronics products and proved to be crucial for selling the product effectively.

Many beauty companies are using cardboard packaging because their products vary in size, shape, and style. Similarly, electronic devices are fragile and sensitive, and you want a box that keeps them safe. As mentioned before, you can opt for extra cushioning to keep the item safe during shipment.

Whatever your choice is, here are a couple of things you should consider before opting for the custom packaging solution:

  1. Make it affordable: It’s much more cost-effective when you buy the packaging materials in a bulk quantity. Custom packaging has to be affordable (on your end) to make it an effective branding strategy. Although you can customize them in many ways, it always depends on your budget. So, carefully explore the materials, design, and ideas to give your branding a new dimension.
  2. Try different materials: It’s better to try out various packaging materials. Kraft and cardboard are the most common ones that promise robustness and durability. They can support extra attraction with micro-flute corrugated material. It’s also great for enhanced security. However, look for other options in the market that might be more suitable for your specific product and target customers.
  3. Keep an eye on color and finishing: One of the most important things in the customization process is color choice and finishing. It’s crucial to differentiate your product from the competition. One easy way is to select a color scheme based on your brand theme and link it with your products to earn instant recognition. For instance, Apple has gone with matte black boxes for the iPhone 12 Pro series to give their premium users a more elegant and luxurious feel. It’s up to you how you design and deliver, but the bottom line is, color and finishing are the keys.
  4. Carefully decide on share and size: Similarly, be mindful of the shape and size of your boxes. You can tailor them in accordance with your product’s measurement to avoid any bad press. Although it eliminates the chances of extra waste, it also impacts your overall costing. A key issue that you have to bear in mind.
  5. Go for themes: Create magic with your boxes with a particular theme. For example, you can launch a new series of boxes in Christmas with a red and white color theme or use floral artwork to start the spring season. Your package should resonate with your brand image to stand out in the market. This might seem like a temporary effect, but you’ll see a positive impact among your loyal customer base if you are consistent with this.

These are a few reasons why customization holds an imperative place in the retailers’ and customers’ minds. You should carefully consider these points while planning and designing your custom packaging for products.

Final thought

Packaging is something that lays the foundation of your product’s beauty and use. It is the first thing a customer feels when they purchase your item. It must be designed in a way that gives a satisfying tactile experience to the user.

It is not a simply poly-bag with a bit of customization. You can nurture it like a baby and choose the quality, size, personalization styles, and everything else. From selecting the finishing styles to its diverse range of material, it depends on you how you want your vision to come to reality.

We would recommend getting in touch with a well-known printing and packaging solution service to have optimal-quality boxes with several complimentary features.

In summary, it’s a proven fact that branded custom packaging plays a key role in customer satisfaction and retention. Offering personalized boxes will help you seize a unique opportunity to build something that is unforgettable and provides radiating experience. You can also save money and explore numerous styles to become a star in the market. It is definitely a safe bet to invest in custom packaging for your respective brand.

If you find this article valuable, we appreciate your honest opinion. Also, please share your ideas with us for better packaging designs.

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